10 Healthiest foods to eat for the people of all age groups


Nuts have enough minerals, vitamins, mono-saturated fats, anti-oxidants and proteins. They are useful for maintaining control over blood and sugar level.


  1. These are good for your heart and fight against diabetes.
  2. They also maintain blood pressure level and are rich in increasing the fiber content in your body.


These are sources of vitamin D and have omega fatty acids. This makes the bones stronger and prevents premature aging of the brain. It is the third healthiest food to eat.


  1. Apples are rich in soluble fiber content, which purifies your blood regularly.
  2. It also has some vitamin c and maintains healthy artery.
  3. It mostly has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


These are high in carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamin c. It reduces the risk of aging process and plays a major role in lowering your cholesterol.


  1. These are good for your bones, digestion and gum health.
  2. It has more number of protein content.
  3. It enhances the delivery of oxygen supply to your body.


These are rich in heart healthy fats and they are good sources of vitamin, E. They also have high fiber content and it will help in increasing the anti-oxidants in your body.

Green leafy vegetables:

  1. Spinach and cabbage have the capacity to lower down type2 diabetes.
  2. It protects your bones up to a great extent.
  3. Do not overcook these vegetables at the time of cooking.

Whole grains:

They are packed with anti-oxidants with their high fiber quality. You can add oatmeal in your diets through porridges and any soluble fiber helps in lowering high cholesterol and maintaining a healthy level.

Dark chocolate:

  1. This is rich in flavonoids, which is good especially for cardiac health.
  2. It shows blood-thinning effect and controls high blood pressure.
  3. It also has very good effect on kidney diseases.

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