15 tips to increase muscle mass

download (24)Some people always worry about their physique; here I am including the people who fat and obesity kind. I am going to give you some tips increase your muscle and body mass. First of all what is the reason behind thinness of people. Sometimes it is hereditary and sometimes it is due to lot of stress mentally and physically. The people who are very thin may have the reason of poor health condition and eating disorders. For those kinds of people I supposed to advice to consult a doctor. To those who are not that kind, here are the tips.

1) Eat more; make sure that you are quality conscious about eating.

2) Account your kilojoules counter so that you can check the amount of food you intake on a day average.

3) Have a heavy meal thrice a day, but if you have a small appetite then take more than five time a day.

4) Eat three spinach omelets early in the morning since they both together increases size of muscle.

5) Make sure that you eat more carbohydrate and protein food like rice, meat or a loaf of bread.

6) Always add healthy oils with your food olive oil and sunflower oil is advisable.

7) Fish with high amount of fat such as salmon has rich fatty acids considerably increase your weight.

8) Stop doing aerobics if you want to build a body like a hulk.

9) Lift as much as weight you can that makes your muscle to grow more.

10) Drink water as much as possible.

11) At least three boiled eggs a day.

12) Food with more vitamin E like Almond will grow the muscle to some extent.

13) Yogurt is the combination of carbohydrates and protein so it is more advisable.

14) Intake more dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter

15) Drink coffee at least once a day.

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