Beauty in All Parts:

Our creator, the Lord created the world with trees, plants, animals, water, land etc. However, the most wonderful form of creation is human beings. He created humans with mainly two gender one is male and other is female. Male individual does not have artificial beauty, whereas a female, exhibits all sorts of artificial methods to express that she is beautiful always, throughout her lifetime. Mostly in today’s generations, people prefer the beautiest individual rather than a normal one. Even advanced technology supports the people, to establish an artificial beauty in their own way at an artificial beauty in their own way.


Beauty’s Role:

It is our people who understand that the most beautiful person must be respected more than the dull ones. Men do not possess artificial packs because we think that men’s are recruited by most of the organizations or any corporate sector despite their appearance to wish to attract people towards them through gorgeous beauty.

Effects of Beauty:

The skin tone of our body is the most important from where people build up too form of strategies within themselves , that is they think that a person having a black skin tone all mostly flatters and they appear to be sick peoples. Whereas a person with white skin tone are considered as the king or queen of that place. This sort of understanding must be vanished because people do not know or they fail to about all these criteria. Another illusion is that the peoples who are fair enough are considered to be persons with more knowledgeable. We must keep in mind that we all are the creators of god and we are equal to each other in various ways. Advancement in technology has increased in beauty products, such as laser treatment, facial etc.

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