Women at large have dominated beauty industry, but men are not far behind. Companies are now exclusively coming up with beauty products for men. No need to sneak in a women magazine to find ways to look better or use products designed for women. We bring exclusively beauty tips for men. Simple and easy to follow, a must know for all the men out there.

1) The Eyes

You know the way to attract a women is through the eyes – if not all, at least most of the women out there do fall for the eyes. To take utmost care of eyes is important. If you are a workaholic or just prone to dark circles otherwise, here are some ways you can get rid of them.
(a)Cold spoon
Keep a spoon to refrigerate overnight. Next morning, keep this spoon on closed eyes. This will relax your eyes deeply and at the same time rid you of dark circles overtime.
(b)Frozen potato
Cut slices of potato and refrigerate them. Keep these slices under your eye for 15-20 minutes. This will help you get rid of puffiness, dark circles and dullness.
(c)Good old cucumber
You can slice cucumber or grate it, however you prefer. Refrigerate cucumber for half an hour. Similar to potato, lie down and place cucumber on closed eyes. Water from cucumber will drip, keep a napkin nearby.Eyes are where wrinkles and fatigue show first. Try these simple at home natural ways to keep your eye healthy and glowing.

beauty tips for men
2) Skin

You must moisturize your skin regularly, build on a beauty regime and stick to it. To maintain good looks (eye included) discipline is key. Start by following these beauty skin care steps.
First step to any beauty regime, cleansing keeps your skin glowing and radiant. Say no to oily, dull skin post cleansing it.
After cleansing, toning is the next step. Toning keeps your skin firm and healthy.
Make it a point to moisturize your skin with cream twice a day, moisturizing provides your skin with essential nutrients and keeps your skin hydrated.
Exfoliating your skin, removes dead cells if any and makes your skin glowing and radiant. Exfoliating is good, but not more than once a week.

3) Water
This zero calorie wonder is quintessential to looking good and maintaining those looks. A natural wonder, you have already heard you need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, now make sure you follow it.
4) You are what you eat
Eat healthy, stay happy. Junk is tempting but don’t fall prey to your tongue. Vegetables have the quality to build your body and fruits have the quality to clean your body. Both are essential to keep acne at par and for maintaining skin glow.

5) Discipline
Rome was not built in a day and neither your body. Be consistent, stay disciplined and follow a beauty routine. It is important you consult a dermatologist to figure out any skin troubles hammering yoDid you like our list of beauty tips for men? Do you have any more tips to share. Share it in the comments below.

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