Many kids and young adults of today have an oily and greasy skin. The reason for this is because many people have active oil glands. These oil glands secrete an oil hormone that lubricates our skin and excess secretion of hormone makes our skin greasy. There are many reasons for the over-secretion of this hormone. But whatever be the cause it is possible to reduce this greasiness on your skin through proper care and by following the tips given below

Keep your face clean

Wash your face periodically with a proper facewash. Do not use creamy facewash instead try some gel cleanser. Using gel cleanser will not only make your skin cleaner, it will also make it smoother by getting rid of all the pimples and dark spots.

Get rid of creamy products

A lot of youngsters believe that applying cream on their face can help them to shield their face from sun. Although it helps in giving protection to your skin, it clogs the pores on your face. This causes a significant damage to your skin like early aging and so on. But perhaps the most important damage is that makes your skin oily by closing out all the pores. The side effects of using creamy products is a lot and hence avoid using it.

Apply moderate amount of makeup

Some girls put on thick layers of foundation, apply many creams and go for a heavy makeup. This heavy makeup becomes a heavy burden on the skin and hence you need to go easy on the make-up. It would be advisable to use waterproof eye liners, powder-based eye shadows and mascara which can make you look beautiful and at the same time be light on your skin.

Oily skin which has been the major skin problem can actually be avoided if we change half of our ways. Thus by using these tips mentioned above you can easily fight off oily skin.

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