Chineese Food

Hey everyone, this post is for the people who are fond of noodles and other Chinese foods. Everyone knows that noodles are a kind of Chinese food and all Chinese types of noodles are very much famous in all over the country. I am also going to tell about other types of Chinese foods you can get near your place. Chinese foods are usually made of rice, eggs and vegetables. Since china is the world’s largest rice producing country, Chinese rice items are very much famous and they are the basic food stuffs. There is a wide collection of rice dishes available in every cuisine and salted duck eggs will be provided as the side dish sometimes vegetables also preferred by the people. Staple food of any Chinese restaurant is noodles. There are around thousand types of noodles available all over the world depending on their length and size of widths. Many people use to prefer chicken noodles and other non veg noodles, this is because adding meat to noodles is like making noodles double tasty. Some of the other noodles types are egg noodles, fresh rice noodles dried rice noodles and bean thread noodles. These varieties are easily available in any Chinese cuisines.

Let me tell you also about the various types of Chinese cuisines. They are Fujian cuisines, Chinese human cuisines, Huai-yang cuisines, Zhejiang cuisines and many more. These differences are because of the uniqueness in their food. Chinese foods are in wide ranges so in order to choose the foods accordingly; you can choose through the cuisines names and can easily remember about it. To my experience with Chinese food items my all time favorite is Almond milk; it tells you that china is rich in dessert and other drinking stuff also. Definitely everyone will love these kinds of food items.

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