Diary… The Best Companion !

Whom do you think as best companion when you are alone??? Have you experienced writing diary???

Yes, “Diary”, “Personal Diary” what so ever name you call diary is the best companion when alone. Feelings of human reduced to writings not only to remember the past, but also make people to think about their future. Since diary carries both the best and worst moment of life. Though development of technology such as chronicle ipad which is an electronic device replaced “pen and paper”, yet expressing your feelings in your personal diary by holding a pen in your hand and writing, scribbling, striking and making spelling mistakes while writing make you laugh in some point of time and make you to get override of the emotional problems and depression.

Tips to write diary:

  • Diary can be your best companion, best friend, mind relaxing medicine.
  • Write diary for your interest and do not write for sake of others writing the diary.
  • Best time to write your diary is at “night” because the sky is shining & sparkling with stars and moon; wind is breezing slightly; the environment is clam; everywhere there is a silence; and nobody there to disturb you; and you are alone and you are smiling, laughing at yourself, even crying and speaking to yourself on writing the diary. And your mind feel relax, you will enjoy the peacefulness and joy of writing diary at night.
  • Write the date and time on the page in the diary, since date and time may not come back; but while turning your diary in someday future you will have smile at your face thinking the fun and joy you had on that day.
  • What can be written on the diary? Diary is a real person not a non living thing it is part of you, contains your emotions, feelings, happiness, sorrow, joy, peace, love, friendship, likes, dislikes, apologize, secrets, grudge, dreams, poetry, promise, your positives & negatives or weakness, good memories, horrible events and more & more. So, anything which brings you joy and take away your worries can be written in the diary.
  • As like face is the index of mind; the tongue is an index of the stomach; diary is the index of human memories and feelings. The memories & feelings indicated in the diary ought to be truth however horrible or worst it may be.
  • As the proverb “A problem shared is a problem halved” quotes that, “If you talk about your problems, it will make you feel better”. Treat your diary as a friend and share your true feelings & problem in the diary however worst it may be you will feel as if your problem got solved.

Usefulness of diary:

  • Human is basically lazy to write and put down their feeling of heart in writing as they think it is time consuming process; and they fear that they may be defamed by others when the secrets in the diary are known. The proverb “as god cannot be everywhere so he created mother” can be taken as example to change this thinking of human because it is not possible for a person to store all his memories in brain; so diary is invented to store his memories. Writing your memories, feelings and emotions in diary will make your brain relax and to overcome all emotional problem, distress and make you feel happy.
  • Writing diary not only makes you to overcome the problem but it helps to control your emotions. It is scientifically proved that writing diary reduces activity in a part of brain called amygdala, which is responsible for controlling the emotional states of fear.
  • Fear is the enemy of confidence which make all harm to the human and it is the very big obstacle to the future. Writing diary gives you courage, confidence, attitude and disaster yours distress.

At every beginning of the New Year a resolution is taken. Take a resolution on this year to write a diary and this resolution will bring you a solution to your problem; giving you the confidence and pride that you being true to yourself by writing your true memories in brain and feelings of heart in your personal diary. Don’t waste the pages of diary for taking notes and maintaining accounts beside treat it as a part of you, diary is like a mirror reflecting the same image it reflects what your brain holds as memories and heart keeps as feelings.

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