Easy Ways to Improve Posture While at Work

Sit up, Sit Straight – Work Proper in Correct Posture

Good posture is an easy and important way to maintain healthy mind and body.

Practicing good postures can keep the body in alignment with itself and alleviate common problems like neck pain, back aches etc. Postures must thus be assessed at office as well to avoid such troubles.

Simple and Most effective Ways to Perk up Posture While Working

  • One must always keep the ears, shoulders and hips in alignment. Whether one is standing or sitting, these parts must be in a vertical line. This also helps in developing a good posture, for all times with straight back, squared shoulders, chest out, chin up and stomach in.
  • The chair should have sufficient lumbar support, thus improving the posture, even while sitting. The spine should be in contact with the backrest from the tailbone right up to the upper back. One must also try to keep the feet flat on the floor while sitting.
  • The balloon method is a simple trick that helps to correct the posture. By imaging a balloon tied to the head, and exerting a pull from the top, one can automatically stand upright.
  • At work, one is more likely to slouch. As the muscles become tired of being in the same position, and thus slump down. Moving around can overcome this fatigue, and also keep us active.

Easy Ways to Improve Posture While at Work1

  • Developing awareness about the posture is important, as people mostly tend to forget about it. Thus, correcting the posture is a matter of habit that must be inculcated in order to look straight and confident as one goes about the daily work.
  • When picking something up, one must avoid bending the waist. Folding the keens, while keeping the spine straight and then lifting the object is the proper manner.

These, are few of the simple steps that one must follow to improve the posture at work. However, being poker straight and trying to overdo is not a solution.

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