There is lot of cigarette lovers spread around the world. Many of them are really not interested to smoke but they can’t even get rid of that because of addiction. To those kind of people there is good invention by scientists called electronic cigarettes. Let me tell you the difference between normal and this type of cigarettes. It will create smoke normally but it will not affect your lungs.

E-cig is an electrical inhaler that vapors down glycol, glycerin or polyethylene glycol. To tell about this from history it was the idea of Herbert A. Gilbert in mid 20 th century as steam generator, though it came to the market only in the year 2004. The cartridge used here is a small container made of plastic with some holes in it which serves as a mouthpiece as well as a liquid reservoir.

What is the reason of smoking, how it just starts? Sometimes it is because of curiosity or sometimes you want to show off in front of girl. This is how it starts and later on it become an addiction from which you cannot come out. You really want to avoid smoking but it becomes impossible. This is the great invention for the people who don’t want to leave this habit as well as don’t want to get affected by it. To everyone’s surprise it has become very common nowadays and it is being used by many people since it can be easily gettable in affordable prices. Since it works with Lithium ion battery power consumption is very low and maintenance is very easy. American association of public health physician’s support this product since it can save more than million people dying because of heart disease.It is up to you to switch to this kind so that you can save your own body from many diseases.

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