Facial Massage

Hello all, this post is about facial and its various types. Facial is common to all kind of people from small child to a matured lady, it is being popular even among men. Now a day’s men like to do various kind facials to make them look young. It will be more irritating to have a pimple in your chick or black spots or black rings below your eyes. It is even more annoying when someone notices it on your face and tells you about it or makes fun of you. It is obvious that you would like to go for a good beautician to solve your problem. But choosing appropriate types of facial is really big deal, various types of facial available for various types of face related problems. I have illustrated some them below.

Facial masks is one of the most used facial massage types, there are two types available in this massage one is setting masks and other one is non setting masks. Setting masks are nothing but clay or fruit masks where non setting masks include warm oil of various types. This can be even applied at home by just warm the oils.

Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese, this type of massage is used to get relief from body and muscle pain and various types of depressions. This type of massage is really easy when you browse in net you can get many DOY methods so that you can directly try this at home and can save your money from giving it to the beautician.

Other massaging techniques include for the forehead, for mouth. Forehead massage will help you to get relaxed and tension free and mouth massage includes your chicks too make your whole face muscle stretch and get a good blood flow in it. Thus facial massage is great sort of tension relief stuff.

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