Make your body fit and have fun with Fly-box and Latino Elite Aerobics. For woman of all ages and size!

We are inviting you on Fly-box and Latino Elite Aerobics That are brands of Sport Club Sunrise.

FLY-BOX: it is dynamic aerobics with martial arts and weights. With this aerobics you make your body phisically prepared and with more endurance.Specially important are exercises for glutes and abdominus muscles and pilates exercises. We are doing well as exercises with weights 0.5 kg That Makes our body more fit. Fly-box and koreographic unpretending and Can Be Easily followed for all. At the end we finish with tai-chi, yoga, massage and special exercises.

FLY-BOX LATINO ELITE Aerobics: here we are using special equipment Elite and we have some steps from Latin and oriental dance. Aerobic This is veryy attractive, energetic and non-choreaographic. You can dance and enjoy themselves and at this time is losing chalories.So Party Aerobics.

Shape your body and have fun with FLY-BOX-om and Latino Elite aerobics. For women of all shapes and all ages!

We invite you to Fly-box and Latino Elite Aerobics, which are trademarks of Sunrise Sports Club.

FLY-BOX: Aerobic, dynamic, diverse practice with individual elements of martial arts. The exercise, you increase your physical fitness and endurance. Especially important are exercises for the buttocks and abdominal muscles and pilates. Upgrade training exercises with weights of 0.5 to the arms and upper torso, leg weights to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, and jump rope. The workout is choreographed unpretentious and suitable for vsakogar.Z selected exercises influence on the target areas of the body and affect the shape and muscle tension. Finally, the release of the Tai-chi-eat, Yoga and virtual relaxation and massage.

FLY-BOX LATINO ELITE Aerobics: Exercise builds an additional sporty prop-Elite weight with tape and Latin steps and undemanding choreography. Energetic and nekoreografski training that will improve your muscle flexibility and mobility. For all who enjoy Latin rhythms while being thoroughly Naples and sweat! It works on the principle of exercises that you can follow each and every individual. You will learn exercises to strengthen your entire body.

Belly dancing: You can learn the rules very sensual, relaxing with a professional dance instructor.

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