Four Eyes: Over The Years Spectacle Trends We Are Eyeing

If you have also been prescribed by your doctor for spectacles and are worried about your fashion quotient, worry no more. Given the amount of time we spend on TV, Laptops even smart phones, it is oblivious we are going to have to get a pair of glasses. Fret not, you can wear your glasses away in style and still look your absolute fashion best. Over time, we have glamorized the round Gandhi glasses and the geek chic look. We bring to you optical trends we have been eyeing for a while now, from retro to quirky, all these and more, just for you!

Flip-Flop Eye Wear

Aren’t these cool? Dwayne Wayne may have been the reason why they are famous in the first place! Remember him from A Different World of Character sitcom fame? Well, actually it’s more likely your parents are familiar with this trend. They are round, with flip-flop and speak the word fashion. What we love is, it just adds the perfect retro quirky look. Doesn’t it?

Kitty-Catty, Aye, Aye

Cat and fashion, from runway to fashion trends have always walked hand-in-hand. These glamour funned spectacles are sure to rise and shine any outfit. Kiran Rao to hollywood celebrities, all have vowed this trend. Available in myriad colors, from bright red to pretty green. If you like it, you can own it in a color of your choice. From corporate ensemble to party shimmer, you won’t go unnoticed with catty looking eyes, Meow!

Color is the New Black

Speaking of color, don’t we all love the wonderful shades paving around us? Tangerine summer to radiant orchid, sun yellow to royal blue, colours just add the spark. Colorful cocktails to sassy interiors, why leave the spectacles to boring old black and whites. Add some color, add some excitement! Pick the color by your personality; opt for bright reds or cool blues.


Perk up your look with this over-sized chunkiness. Who said nerd is boring. We think these nerd glasses are an absolute add on to the look! What’s even better? Pair them with your reds, vixen, and bright shades of lipstick. Don’t complain if you find people drooling at your oh so fashionable cool geek girl look!

Round Hound

See the world more stylishly with these rounded glasses. Don’t they look fabulous? If you are also someone who likes to wear your glasses everywhere, this trend is a catch! These type of glasses suit the angular face the best! We just love this trend; I mean really what’s not to love in them, right?
What you wear, becomes your style. If glasses are need of the hour for your eyes, fashion is the need for your soul. Why compromise on any one for the other? Merge your love for fashion with need for glasses by picking on any of the above stylish trends.

Do you know of any other stylish spectacle trend you would like to share? Bring it on in the comments section below.

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