Headphones are of many times. Usually headphones are wired, some headphones are unwired and it works by Bluetooth. In this post I am going to tell you about various types of headsets. The types of headsets are over the ear, ear pads, DJ headphones, Wireless headsets, ear buds and many more. What is the purpose of using headsets? It is used for listening songs privately when you are in public. So the music from the speakers always annoying to the people who are near to you. So using headsets will be fine and make you to have privacy everywhere.

The uniqueness in these headsets and their differences in performance are as follows. First of all, over the ear headsets, this type of headsets is used very much by many people because it won’t allow the external noise to reach your ear so that you can easily get clear sounds of the music you are hearing. This headset is heavier than any other headsets but the clarity in sounds and other features is worth to it.


Secondly, ear pads; this is the type which covers the ear partially. There is no efficiency in controlling external noise when compared to the previous one. It do have an advantage is that it is very much light weight than over the ear headsets. I think everyone is aware about DJ headsets, since all would have experienced parties at least once. So I will skip about this type.

Wireless headsets are the type which I mentioned earlier about it. since it works with blue tooth there is no efficiency and maximum sound is also very low when compared to all other headsets. Ear buds is the type which you are supposed to insert in to your ears as if you are inserting an ear bud. The music clarity in these headsets is very much cool. In all the brands all these headsets are available in various ranges.

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