Healthy Diet with Essential Nutrients!

The diet that contains all the essential nutrients required for maintaining a good health.To remain healthy we must eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet is the right combination of food groups in proper proportions. Having right quantity of food helps us to maintain a good health. To set yourself for success,think first of your good health! First of all, you shouldn’t fall for the temptation of trying crash diets. Instead of taking a drastic change over your diet,just make a slight change in your regular food habit. Having lime juice every day keeps fat away. Lime juice contains citric acid.It burns the unwanted calories in our body. Doing regular exercise helps us to maintain diet. Avoid taking oily stuffs.Healthy eating is not only about strict nutrition,staying thin, or to take something necessary. Rather, it’s about feeling great, and it gives us more energy, refreshing your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. All of these can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and using them in a proper way that works for you. You can expand your range of healthy food choices and learn how to plan ahead to create and maintain a healthy diet. Diet is just not about what to eat,its about how to eat.

If your diet is out of control, Warning signs include:

  • continuing the diet, even though it is not overweight
  • physical changes like weakness, headaches, and dizziness  withdrawal from family and friends
  • poor performance in education
  • eating in secret
  • thinking about food all the time
  • restricting activities due to food and compulsive exercise
  • fear of food
  • wearing baggy clothes as a way to hide thinness
  • vomiting after meals or using medicines that you take to make you go to the toilet(laxatives).

If someone who is having any of these signs, consult a trusted adult or doctor. Weight control can consume your life. By accepting your healthy choices and body, you can keep your weight under control and enjoy your life at the same time!

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