Heavenly Cupcake Houses- In Mumbai

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Are you a huge cupcake fan and don’t really need reasons to binge on them! Gone are the days when Mithai made up for the perfect gift, really old school thought granny, innit?. While one is always on the look for an ideal gift, cupcakes seem, like the option everyone’s tilting to, sweeten the festive spirits..!

In one such spirit,Here are the listings of places where cupcake shopping from and what sets these cupcakes pundits apart from the lot! (Seriously…!) These cupcakes are lip-smacking and worth the calories they bring on! Get excited about to drive you to the houses where world’s best cupcakes reside! And i ain’t lying on that…! Cupcake Swear, need i say more?

Toujors Pattisserie

You enter the little Patisserie and you are sure in for excellent varieties. It’s really hard to keep yourself from ogling at them, before you make your final choice. Favourites here have always been the double chocolate chip and red velvet. That’s not it, you can even savour some really cute adorned mini cupcakes, and variety of other desserts too. Never to upset you, this cupcake corner is a must-must visit, I say!


Le 15 Pattiserie

When you talk of le 15 it only gets you to think about Pooja Dhingra’s yummy cupcakes! She sets the mood for the festival just right. You can add macaroons to the cupcake shopping as a bonus treat for yourself. These multicoloured creamy delicacies are mouth-watering even at the thought of it! Imagine getting yourself to gulp few of these, Oh yummy, yummy! Not to forget they offer limited editions too, which are just to die for.

Love Sugar and Dough

Fondly called LSD, it has recently also branched itself in the mid-way of Breach candy shoppers hub. Time to add some more zest and energy to your shopping, they bring to you cupcakes! You devour a cupcake from Love, Sugar and Dough and you find yourself moaning to deliciousness! Mmmmm…Mmmmm…Last but not the least

Chocolate cupcakes in a jar

Country of Origin

You can find them at both Bandra and Nepean Sea Road. Girls! Just get set ready for some treats to delight your 3000 taste buds! Yes, mean that. Its really hard to find something that can suffice all your taste buds, but the the goodies at Country of Origin(COO) will do just that for you. If you like to go a little unconventional go for chocolate jars! They not only look delicious but a spoon of this sinful delight and you start making the sounds. Hmmm-emmm-mmmm! Apart they also have this yummy cake jars, yes you read it CAKE IN JARS, isn’t that cool? Be wary of naughty neighbours and the rumours that will pave way from those sounds that you are likely to make.


Do you’ve some more to addon to this list? Let us know. Not to Forget, Do share your experience if you happen to try at All or Any of the above.


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