Hey Mickey, You’re so Fine… (not)

There is a dead mouse somewhere in my kitchen cupboard, smelling very very bad.

I am thinking that tomorrow I will have to fortify myself somehow and go hunting for it. I don’t really want to find it, but it seems the proper thing to do.

Does one go searching for a bloated rotting leaking blueish carcass, and peel it off the hidden shelf strapping and dispose of it to eliminate the horrid stink, or just move the mugs, coffee and sugar onto the counter, put yellow and black hazard tape through the handles and wait out the 3 weeks until dessication occurs with multitudes of Airwicks and Yankee candles?

Aggressive action that will lead to physical distress and illness, (but brief and final), vs. evasive non-aggressive situation control and long term monitoring.

I have done both courses of action/inaction during my term as a country dweller, and both have merits and drawbacks.

Let’s just see how feisty I feel in the morning.

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