Home Architecture

Hello all, this blog is about various home architectures of America and some of their specifications. It is very common thing that people prefer various types of architecture for their home and they choose as they wish irrespective to their place. It’s obvious that Americans use European architecture and vice versa. Here, I have furnished some of the architectures which play a vital role in making your homes beautiful.

hme-300x225Here I have explained about some of the most used and beautiful American architectures. Novelty architecture is my favorite type. These types of buildings have irregular shapes usually made for commercial purpose as a mark of advertising and making that building as a landmark. This type of architecture is also used for constructing animal or any character type of buildings. Googie is another form of American modern architecture; it was used widely in the 20th century and very much popular among coffee shops, mobile hotels and gas stations. It uses glass, steels and neon and was originated from southern California.

Here is the most popular architecture home of America. Prairie school architectures are newly created in reaction to existing architectural designs. It is familiar for its earth tone color palette feature with neatly finished wood-trim and horizontal board and batten siding.

Victorian Anne is another most used architectural types of Americans. These buildings are same in size and shape created all the buildings in parallel. This style is very much good for middle-class people with its ornamentation and fancy woodwork.

Craftsman bungalow is type of luxurious architecture. Here, in California, the buildings build by Greene and Greene are the best examples of craftsman bungalow. After World War II, ranch house is the widely spread suburban buildings in America.

Spanish eclectic is another beautiful design, this type become more popular when movie stars photographed outside their mansions.

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