How to Dress Up Smart

Have you always been on the heavy side and been ridiculed about you extra healthy body. You must have joined the gym to shed few calories but to no avail as fat in few people are really too stubborn to simply go away! You must have seen a beautiful dress in a really cool shop, with a look of belonging in your eyes and you would head back to your home heartbroken, knowing the fact that you wouldn’t look chic in that dress because of your extra fat! But fret no more! With this article you would get an insight about how to dress smart to hide your fat and look thinner without any effort!


If you have heavy thighs and broad hips, then you should be inclined towards wearing pencil skirts. Do not forget to team it up with top which are super bright in color. The reason being that your main aim should be to draw away unwanted attention from the parts of your body you feel uncomfortable about!

You should be bewildered to know that more than half of the women on this planet are walking around the globe wearing wrong bra’s! Your goal should be to ascertained your proper bra size through an expert and then get a bra of correct size for yourself!

Always prefer lightly accessories, such as small pair of earrings and a necklace should do, maybe a small handbag. Try out different ideas until you find something you like. Don’t think that there’s just one way to look smart/neat because that isn’t true. If something isn’t you then try something else.


Get a nice haircut: Have a look through the magazines and books at the hairdressers when you go, or have a look on the internet to find something you like. If you want to make a good impression then try to keep your hair from falling over your face too much.

Stick to the basics. For guys, khaki pants with a belt and a collared shirt tucked in gives a perfect look. For gals, a knee length skirt or dress slacks with a simple blouse creates a positive impression. If your interview is in the winter, wear an overcoat.

Ladies should keep makeup simple and light. Gentlemen should shave or have their facial hair neatly trimmed.

Be sure to wear a smile.

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