How to get Training in Orgasmic Meditation

According to Planned Parenthood, between 30 and 50 percent of women have difficulty reaching orgasm, and as many as 80 percent suffer difficulty from vaginal intercourse alone. Although there can be many reasons why a woman has difficulty reaching orgasm, One Taste founder, Nicole Daedone believes that proper training in Orgasmic Meditation can help any woman reach orgasm.

What is Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic meditation (OM) extends the sensory peak, creating a gateway to more vitality using the clitoris as the main focus. Daedone says that the technique allows women to experience deeper sensations, both emotionally and spiritually, while also allowing them a deeper connection with their partner. For women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, the process helps by combining intimacy and emotional bonding using the same parts of the brain activated by regular meditation. (

How Does OM Work?

OM is a fifteen minute timed practice in which both people focus total attention on point of connection between a finger and the clitoris. Daedone explains that there are ten spots on the clitoris, each of which offers the woman a different sensation. During the session, the female removes her clothing from the waist down and lies on yoga mats with her legs across the legs of her partner, who can be male or female. For fifteen minutes, the partner uses different rubbing techniques to pleasure the woman, although she may not reach climax. Many of those who participate in the exercise say that the process helps the woman feel safe. Many say that OM is not sexual or erotic, but helps them develop a deeper connection with their partner.

Meditation and Orgasm

According to Scientific American ( , both meditation and orgasm decrease a person’s sense of awareness, basically leading to a temporary halt to the constant internal commentary that runs through the brain at all other times. For many years, gurus and spiritualists believed that orgasm is nonsexual, even though most people achieve orgasm through sex. Those who practice tantra believe that sex and orgasm is a way to achieve enlightenment, much like meditation does in those who practice it. Despite the fact that meditation and orgasm affect different parts of the brain, the result is very similar. The use of OM combines orgasm and meditation in a way that allows women to relax, feel safe and reach orgasm, which may have been difficult for them previously.

For women who are having difficulty reaching orgasm, OM offers the ability to develop a deeper connection not only with partners, but with themselves as well. The techniques taught during sessions help the women focus on the sensations while teaching partners the best way to bring the woman to that heightened state.

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