How to get your home ready to party

The holidays are quickly approaching and, for many of us who like to entertain, it’s time to open our doors to family and friends. We all love hosting those small and intimate get-togethers, but it’s another beast when the RSVPs crawl into the dozens. The secrets to planning for a large party are in the details, preparation and readiness of your home. Here is how to get your home ready and organized for your next large party, so it appears effortlessly fabulous.


Premeditate the cleaning

The cleanup isn’t just post-party. Two weeks before your event, prepare a list of every possible place your guests will go (what your brain comes up with will surprise you). Take that list and detail-clean and add a special touch to each location that stays true to your party’s theme or the current season. If the whole family is coming over for a Christmas party, perhaps this is a good time to put some decorative pinecones in a bowl by your bathroom sink. If you’re hosting sooner than that, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fall-inspired decor into your home — use Pinterest for ideas. Have a mental picture of how you want each place to look. This way, you aren’t left to frantically clean and decorate everything the night before, leaving you more breathing room for final details or arising emergencies.


Present practically

We’ve all been to that party (most parties) where all the food is confined in one place. Thus, it soon becomes cramped chaos where people congregate as if they are seeing food for the first time. A watering hole of holiday diet cheating, essentially. Don’t be that party. Sit down and think of various places and ways to display your food and drinks. Planning for stations is always a hit. The main courses can be served on a large and beautifully set up dining room table while the desserts, drinks and apps have separate places and times.

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