Acne is the major problem that a teenager suffers. Its spoils the beauty of the face and reduces our
confidence level. Many youngsters try various methods to completely get rid of acne but they all prove to be useless. Researches from leading doctors have said that acne is du e to the secretion of some hormones post puberty which cannot be avoided but controlled if taken proper care. Acne will last only for some years it after that it will b disappearing from our skin giving back the natural skin. So hereby we give the tips by which how you can control the acne in your face.

Wash your face often in a day. This leads to removing the dirt, dead cells and unwanted oil from the
face. Use a warm water or gentle face wash to do the same. Don’t use a harsh soap or cleaner to your face as it will evade the nutrients from the face. Try to use a moisturizer depending upon your skin type and before applying a moisturizer apply some water in your face. Apply an anti-acne cream to the acne so that it kills the bacteria prevailing in the acne.

Try to avoid make up to your face and if applied wash it before you go to sleep. Don’t use harsh chemicals or oils on your hair as they may slide down to face and block the pores resulting to irritation and stimulation. Don’t try to meddle with the pimple with your hand as it can spread the bacteria and will cause a scar in the face. Stay away from the sun as it can increase the burning of the acne and give an irritation. Always apply a sun screen lotion when you step out. Note that the lotion is of medium SPF.

Add a routine of exercise in your daily activities as regulates blood flow in the body resulting to cleanse the impure blood that acne is avoided. Avoid wearing goggles and helmets that cause you to sweat as it may lead to irritation. Avoid leading a stressful life and find ways to eliminate stress out of your life. So be patient until your age after which you will be free from pimples. Till then use these tips to control them.

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