India today

Today our land is the most fertile one where the Indians are mostly farmers and the main occupation of the Indians is agriculture. we get all sorts of minerals and materials in our land itself. But today the situation of our country is totally reverse we do not bother to cultivate nor to encourage the farmers. Our selfish nature has brought our country down among the countries in the whole world. The most cunning nature of the people is that they follow western culture now a days. India is said to be the land of fertility, incredibility and varieties. We have more than hundred languages, religions, caste, and the good unity among the people.

India has been said as incredible India have done great achievements in field of agriculture and various other fields. In sports India has been no 1 odi side in cricket and India cricket are the world champion now in cricket especially India reached a big milestone in today’s world. India are growing up in badminton and hockey to reach great heights. Sports level is increasing day by day and then coming to movies. Indian movies given a respective standards in Oscar now a day. Life of pie an a Indian movie has made 8 nominees in Oscar a big achievement in field of movies.

Crime in India is also developing more and more for example Delhi gang rape has shaked the whole India it is all because of politics in India. Politics becoming too worse in India it is the right time for youngster to get in to politics to the crime level may be decrease in India. So India is secular country all the people are treated as equal but if politics become strong in India then India will become developed country in a 5 years of span.

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