Indian Foods

This post is about various kinds of Indian food. Since India is a multi linguistic and multi cultured country it has very wide ranges of food stuffs. Generally we can say that only India has largest varieties of food when compared to all the nations and their foods.

India’s traditional food is Roti which look a thin rolled shaped made of wheat. Actually to eat this you have use a side dish. Daal is the most used side dish for this type of food. Roti is common only among north India. If speak about southern part of India there many other foods like sambar idly and dosa. Idly can also be called as an Indian cake, usually it has no taste, it just made of rice. Again you need some side dish to eat it. Sambar is a kind of liquid type of food stuff which can be used as the side dish for Roti and as well as to idly. Some people use to put sambar directly on rice and eat it. This type of mixing it in the rice is usually used by the southern part of India. It is called as Sambar rice.

Indian foods also include various types of chat items which is called as gol gappa, here a small piece of roasted what is filled with boiled potato and tamarind water with other ingredients is put inside it. it is usually gulped down at a stretch. Non veg items are also prepared in very good way by using a powder called Masala which is mixed with chili powder and related stuff make non veg items more tasty. Though, I do want to tell a draw back about Indian food is that it will be spicier and very hot to eat. Normally a person will not control this spicy food, but to be honest Indian foods are really good.

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