Stairs or a Step

We all have either a step or a full flight of stairs in our home. I have even used a step ladder in times of need. Running and even walking stairs is one of the single best full body exercises. Even if you just have one step you can make it work. Targeting the abs, glutes, calves, hammies, and every other muscle in your posterior, stairs are the way to go. You may also consider buying a Primo Fitness used treadmill for better workout experience.

You can mix it up by walking up the stairs and skipping a step along the way, or using them to do elevated push ups or planks. When I am really working on my legs I will do stair jumps. Start at the bottom and with both feet together, jump up the steps one at a time, when you get to the top sprint down and repeat 4 times. Don’t forget to pump those arms!

The Sofa

Place your hands below the cushions and get in a push up position, next do a jumping jack motion with your legs while your hands remain stable. A real calorie torcher!

Milk Jugs

If you have kiddos in your house or you just love milk, you have these plastic cartons in your trash every week. Do not throw these away! Fill them with water, hold one in each hand and start your walking lunges! You may start with the container 1/4 of the way full then graduate to a full jug once you get stronger. They make a fantastic substitute for expensive dumbbells and even kettle bells. All of your muscle sculpting exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions and even presses become possible at home without buying one piece of new equipment. So let’s get jugular people!


Have you ever been to one of those expensive, chic ballet barre workouts? Want to try it but don’t have extra cash? All you really need is something sturdy to hold your balance. Enter the lip of your kitchen counter. Plie, squat, and point those toes and get your money’s worth out of that granite. Still working on that infamous push up? A countertop is probably the most stable thing in your home to practice on. With your feet shoulder length apart, take a few steps back and push off the counter. The harder the push up, the farther you are from the countertop. Your arms and chest will be ready to rock a tank top in no time!

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