Jeans are most used type of cloth all the world. This type cloth is made from denim and it was invented in late 19th century Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. This cloth is not only used for pants but also used for many kinds of tops and other apparels. This post is about changing trends on jeans pants and other related clothes. To my knowledge I have came across to only two types of jeans pants. One is bells bottom and other is slim fit. There was a time that everyone was engaged with bell bottom and it was very much widely used type. This type of jean pants is not used today because it is out of fashion. Slim fit jean is today’s trend. There are various types available in slim fit.

First is normal slim fit, this kind is also little bit out fashion since it won’t get attached to the body completely. Secondly tapering jeans, this is available in all kinds of brands and it gets sold in many numbers since teen agers love to get this type. You need not to worry about the price since it there is lot of economic brands which can give you more discounts. If you do online purchase you can still save more money because they also give more discounts through their coupons.

Finally I want to tell you about skinny type, this is my all time favorite. It gets attached to the skin. If you see a person in a shadow wearing this type of jeans you cannot confirm whether he is wearing or not. This is only up to pants but there is lot of apparels available which is made by jeans cloth. I would prefer to buy a jean belts which gives you funkier look and it is advisable to wear when you hang out for the parties.

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