An individual survives because of the happiness which he gets throughout his life. A man finds way to form a family , where the member of the family are always united through various relationships. A mother, father and the siblings together form a neutral family, whereas one family which has 2 to 3 generations in a single house living together form a joint family. First to start on with the
joint family , it we get a kind of fulfilness to be a part of their family.

Our grandparents , will always be with us to guide us in all sides of life. Our cousins uncles and aunt will support us in all our difficulties, having lunch or supper together along with everyone , will always express that we are united together in a single bond. Advantages of living in all sorts of decisions which is common to all the same is followed by everyone, whereas the disadvantage of living in an joint family is that it could lead to financial problems.

Adjustment is the only tool for us to adapt ourselves in the joint families. Jealousness must be compulsorily avoided for the numbers belonging to this joint family. To start on with the neutral family we get a chance to thimk only about our family. We do not get into a necessity to share all the things which we have.

A neutral family lives on independent of a peaceful life without any problems. They have a pleasure surrounding. Finance is not at all a problem in the nuclear family because we get in to a conclusion that it is who consume everything that can be save our currencies to safeguard for the future generations. But the only disadvantage is that a single nuclear family always gets into a lonlyness.

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