Kitchens Of Kerala

Generally the foods habits of people is influenced by their culture, ideas, customs, religious practice etc.,. The state of Kerala is rich in the production of coconut, pepper, aquaculture, coffee, Honey. So they use these to prepare their food and they treat coconut as their main ingredient or as a flavour to reduce the tongue-teasing and to increase the thickening of gravies. The tender coconut is natural soft drink which is nutritious thirst quencher.

The typical Kerala annual religious celebration is attracted by serving the food in long green banana leaf. The Kerala cooking style includes both veg and non-veg. The non vegetarian people of coastal areas like to eat sea foods. Because of their availability fish is considered as their main dish in non-veg. Some of the fish dishes are meen pollichathu, fish molli. While the vegetarian people are specialise in cooking Pachadi, Kichadi, Aviyal and so on.

Popular breakfast of Kerala is kola puttu, appam, idiyapam. Puttu is cylindrical shaped and it is prepared by steam cooking the rice powder and coconut together using a vessel called puttu kutti. The most delicious breakfast of them is appam, which is a kind of cake made from rice flour and coconut milk is used as the side dish .

The main course of lunch is made from boiled rice and it is served along with the gravy. The vegetarian lunch is mainly filled with kolambu, rasam, buttermilk (moru) and they use papdam, pickle, chutney as their side dish. The non-vegetarian lunch is filled with chicken curry (nattu kozhi kari), Kozhi porichathu, varuthathu, meen pollichathu,Briyani and so on. They use coconut oil exclusively instead of vegetable oil or palm oil because of their availability and health concerns.

In Kerala sweets are available in plenty. The most popular and tasty dessert is payasam. There are different kinds of payasam which is prepared using different fruits and dal. Most popular payasam is parupu payasam made from dal. Some other sweets are unniappam, halwas made from banana.

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