LAN Airlines

LAN Airlines is a Chilean based airline company and a part of a bigger group named LATAM Airlines Group. The company also enjoys the position of being the largest airline holding company in South America. The company is headquartered at Las Condes, Santiago Province. LAN Airlines is the flag carrier of Chile and transfer people from one place to another day in and day out. Apart from Chile, where the airline is quite prevalent, there are many more countries where the airline is doing great business like Argentina, Ecuador and Columbia. LAN Airlines is one of the oldest and most reputed airline services in the world.

People who want to experience the wilderness and nature of the glaciers of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile can take a flight of LAN Airlines from their city. There are many more places that are famous for their unique scenic beauty and adventure, such as Quito that is near Ecudor’s Galapagos Islands, exotic jungles of Brazil along the dense Amazon forest, award winning wines of Chile and the mystical spot named Machu Picchu. People can easily travel in one of the airplanes of LAN Airlines, its affiliates and TAM Airlines. There are over 115 destinations that are covered by the companies together in South America. This is a remarkable figure, which also shows the popularity of the airline in the region.

LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines and the affiliates of LAN Airlines are part of the LATAM Airlines Group. The company has many subsidiaries in the American Continent, so there is nothing to worry if you are not living in the city where the company operates in because you can avail the services of the company through its airline and alliance partners. The company has established a wide network in Latin America and the US, Canada and other parts of North and South America. Here is the list including the subsidiaries of LAN Airlines.

1. LAN Peru.
2. LAN Columbia.
3. LAN Argentina.
4. LAN Ecuador.
5. LAN Express.

All these subsidiaries operate according to the standard procedure of the company. The quality is exactly the same, i.e., world class. Passengers traveling from one of the subsidiaries of LAN Airlines are going to get complimentary food, headphones, beverages, blankets, pillows, in-flight entertainment and check-in of two bags without paying any fee. The number of services are available in the other airline services as well, but it is the quality of services that make LAN Airlines an outstanding airline company in the world. The company also has many cargo branches, which are;

1. ABSA.
3. LAN Cargo.
4. MasAir.
5. Florida West International Airways.

These airlines take the cargo from one place to another. LAN Airlines is perfect at everything it does, which is perhaps the reason that this brand has been able to sustain its brand value and also take it to greater heights in the world. For more information about LAN Airlines, better log on to the official website of the company.

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