Life Of City vs Village

We normally think that our world is being developed more and more day by day. But when we deeply make a study on this , we do not notice about the life of the village people. City vs Village is the most intensity to me to talk about this in the modern world. We would make a questionare , Whether who is healthier city or the village people.

We obviously accept that villagers are more healthier than city people. The main reason behind this is that people mostly consume junk food in the cities. City people are increasing day by day to exhibit western way of living and 80 they depend on the taste of the food but not their healthy factor, whereas villagers consume more fruits and vegetables, and to they look more healthier.

To start of with the dressing of the villagers they are mostly aware of their clothes. Girls and women always wear sarees, because of lack of knowledge towards everything. People living in cities are mostly modern. They adopt high standard of living. They always prove that they are highly courageous towards everything. Women behave in such a way that they always show equalityness in all sorts of things.

A sort of creativity is mostly seen in cities because they are always processings towards new technologies. The most problematic features where people suffer today is the frequent power factor. This power happens only on developing
countries due to lack of available power in the country. Villagers experience 13 hours of power cut per day and they are the suffers in the world. Whereas in cities only 2 hours power cut.

But villagers are the best nature lovers, Where mostly all everyone feel a kind of happiness to live on the village.

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