Lifestyle in villages

Indian village life is usually free from the chaos that is most existing in the cities. People living in villages are poor who make their living with the help of agriculture. They also depend on small scale and cottage industries. Indian village represents the land of heart’s desire.

Occupation in Indian villages:

  1. The primary occupation of the people living in villages is agriculture and is considered to be unchanged part of the Indian village culture.
  2. Village and caste are regarded as equal, because even the villagers in India follow the same trend.
  3. The caste systems in Indian villages are of great importance.
  4. Even today, people living in villages deal with different castes in kinship terms.

Culture and tradition in Indian villages:

Indian villagers manifest a sincere loyalty to their villages. Family in villages cannot move to a rural area because it is very difficult. The charm and cultural diversities in India makes the Indian villages the land where beauty never fades away. Village life in India is idyllic, because suddenly it cannot be changed. The village shrines, temples, ponds, lakes and rivers are plundered with natural beauty. Unity in villages is considered as primary concern for the village life in India.

Rituals in Indian villages:

  1. People in villages join together to worship a single god and they believe that it will protect their villages and the entire family.
  2. Like normal people, they also celebrate all sorts of festivals including Diwali, Pongal, Ramzan, holi and so on.
  3. A headman is recognized in these villages and only the headman will take the decision for all problems.
  4. Like court and law in cities, they also have Panchayat where any person has the rights to fight for justice.

The government of India is helping the villagers with advanced technology for farming. It is also aiming to design the beauty of India.

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