Lifestyle of Thailand

Thailand, the land of great Buddhism religion, is known to follow the lifestyles of Buddha and they all have a great belief in their Priests and they offer anything the priests ask as they believe it brings them good luck. Their dressing are also simple and they like to follow their religion everywhere they go. These people though dress normally but they are not backward in any aspect of their lives. These people try to have a simple lifestyle so their God is pleased with them. They have another lifestyle which is to have Tattoos of their gods pinched on their backs as it is believed to keep bad demons away from them and prevent them from doing anything bad. They are more of a continental type eating and they don’t try to have anything on their religious days.

They have one of the best eating lifestyles in other days and they live on continental foods and are very fond of fish and rice. They even have great taste for Sea foods and they are generous eaters but they don’t ever touch Alcohol of any kind. Their mannerism is very warm and they have good friendly relationships with other country people because of their socializing and good behavior towards them during their short visits to these parts of the world. They are very friendly people and the kindest in the world and even though all the major companies have their bases in this country they are very humble and polite. All this is due to their way of life and their lifestyle which is so much better than the other countries like China, Japan, etc because they think too much about themselves. Thailand is the land of the Buddha and these people will give their lives for their belief and their lifestyles because it is considered the most pure of all.

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