Lifetyle of Philippines

The country is an old settlement and it is actually a little poor country when it is compared to the other countries in this part of the world. The living standard of the people’s lifestyle is based on the people on the older generations. These people have a great thing for the other countries people and this is the only country which exports man power because it is not capable of handling its economy like the other countries of the world. The lifestyle of this people is based on the things of the people and they are great but yet they tend to fall for the people of other country and try to go away from this country due to the presence of poor lifestyle and unhygienic health conditions of the world. They are poor in their dressing sense and they save their dressing only for the world and don’t care about their respect or dignity.


They eating lifestyle is also poor and they have a very different pattern for all the lifestyle of the world. They are responsible for the trend of shopping spree for all the odd kind of dresses and their interesting stuffs which will give a good liking for the other people. They are not well mannered and therefore they don’t have a great liking for the tourists. They also not so keen of going away from the country because they don’t have enough economy to popularize their country and attract tourists. Their manners are also not the best in any sense and therefore it is not a favorable place of visit for the tourists. The lifestyle of this country is not the best in the world and it is the reason for their decline in their economy for other exports and imports from the other countries of the world.

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