Lip Stick

Lipsticks are to make the lips shiny colorful and more seductive. Every girl needs it and it has
become an important stuff for all girls. What happens when a girl is looking for a good lipstick?
They usually look for variety of lipsticks. I assure to all who are reading this blog right now will
be able to choose your kind of lipstick after reading this blog completely. The various kinds of
lipsticks are as follows

Moisturizing lipsticks: This type of lipstick is rich in vitamins. It is suitable for the people who
have dry lips since it makes your lips so soft and nourishing.

Satin and sheer lipsticks: This type of lipstick is mostly used by the people because it makes
the lips more shiny and glossy.

Cream lipsticks: this kind of lipstick is used when women wants their lipstick to last for shorter
time, so that they can change it to another one.

Pearl fros ted lipstick: This is used for the parties since it gives glittery look to your lips and you
will get noticed by everyone easily in the crowd. Usually teen agers prefer this type of lipsticks.

Matte lipstick: This type is used by youngsters because it will not give shinier look and will apt
easily with the lips of younger people.

Lipsticks are also based on skin tones. There are three types of skin tones lipsticks available.
They are fair, dark and medium skin tones. All these are used based on the people’s choice.
Fair skin tone will be lighter and dark will be darker. So based on your taste you can choose
your type. Other types of lipsticks include warm and cool undertones. Pinky cheeks can choose
cool undertones because it will be perfect to them. All other kind of people can go with warm
undertone because it gives better look to everyone

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