Fashion never ends and it keeps evolving endlessly. Many fashion trends have come gone but only a few stay. One such trend that has stayed on for a long time now are the Catsuits.

What is a catsuit?

A catsuit is a tight fit single piece garment that covers everything from your torso to your legs. It has been around since 1940. They are made from materials like lycra, chiffon, spandex and anything that is highly stretchable. It has a zipper at the front and the back. They can be worn by both men and women.

History of this stylish garment

It was once considered as a very rare and stylish fashion item in the 1960s and late 1990s. It was used for aerobics and disco dancing in the 70s and 80s. In sports it was used in speed skating, bobsled, winter triathlon, ski-racing, cycling and gymnastics. It resembles the wetsuits and drysuits which are used by scuba divers. It is also pretty similar to the speedsuits worn by swimmers. Serena Williams once wore a black catsuit to a match in the U.S open in 2002.

About Lycra catsuits

Today, these fashionable catsuits are used by people of different classes and for a variety of occasions. Some innovations were done in producing these catsuits which made it easily affordable to all. For example cheap lycra catsuits made from a lightweight spandex materials are very cheap and affordable. Not just that, there are many other cost-effective alternatives like Tidebuy spandex catsuit.

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