Summer, is a special time of the year especially in India, characterised by long easy evening and accompanied by sweaty, exhausting sunny mornings. Unfortunately, life does not stop with bad weather. So, why compromise with fashion? The idea is to keep it simple, comforting and yet stylish. To complete the look, choosing the right kind of sunglasses is crucial. Lenskart is not only a boon when it comes to trendy eyeglasses but they also have a wide collection of sunglasses that is sure of woo for anyone who is in the need for a new pair or someone who is simply looking for an extra.


What is life without options? manages to bring forth an array of interesting choices that could be taken into consideration before opting for the right kind of summer gear for the eyes. The options are valid for both the sexes. The available categories are mentioned below:

  • RIMLESS EYEGLASSES AND SUNGLASSES:Who would have imagined that sunglasses could be rimless? Here, is Lenskart providing its customers will a wide range of collection in rimless sunglasses.
  • HALFIRM: Keeping it old-school is not entirely a bad idea. Halfirm sunglasses could just do the trick to complete that look.
  • FULLFIRM: Being geeky is the new cool. Why maintain that only for our eyeglasses? Experimentation with that look is possible thanks to fullfirm sunglasses from Lenskart.
  • WAYFARER: To complete the formal look, wayfarer sunglasses are what one needs.
  • AVIATOR: The most popular kind of sunglasses and the best part it is never out of fashion!
  • RAY BAN: The name says it all, and one’s collection is incomplete without a pair from this special brand.
  • POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: Promises to a 100% protection of the eye from UVA and UVB rays and also to keep it stylish!
  • POWER SUNGLASSES: The perfect pair of sunglasses for everyone who has a power.
  • CAT-EYE: To keep the mysterious look going, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses is just the perfect ingredient.

LensKart offers a wide range of brands and categories to choose from. Payments are simple. Options are interesting. The process is hassle free and fast. Try at home facility is available. One could also browse through the reviews and compare prices. Looking great and at the same time protecting and comforting the eyes is now rather simple, thanks to Lenskart!

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