Some people don’t have the habit of arranging the things around their house so neatly. They just throw things around and it lies scattered in their house. But by arranging things in your house neatly, you can give it a good look. In fact, you can make it look like a house with amazing interior decorations.

California Eichler style

The California Eichler house collection consists of collections from the two mid-term centuries. It has some tasteful vignettes which serve as the centre of attraction. There are a collection of Nesso lamps which are designed by Giancarlo Mattioli for Artemide and also a collection of Holmegaard ceramics. Using these items you can give your house a grand and elegant look with amazing interiors.

Live or work home style

This is an English design style and it is a good example of combining many pieces of different architecture style in one cohesive fashion. A woodworker named David Restorick has built a staircase with a shelf underneath each step. This doubles the space for storage and is an efficient replacement for a big cupboard which would consume plenty of space. You can also add a vast collection of cookware from Finel, Copco, Cathrineholm, Jens Quistgaard and Stig Lindberg.

Toronto home style

This is a functional kitchen which has a lot of room for storing the kitchen appliances. You can also hang up some paintings in your kitchen for some inspiration. For example you can use Fruit Basket which is a painting done by Peter.B.Hastings. You can also buy a special edition Royal Copenhagen tea set and maybe a photograph by Tokyo-based artist Keith Ng.

Thus by being creative and using your imagination you can make the most out of your living space. Also, these ideas presented above our cheap, economical and inexpensive which makes it a really good concept.

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