Today most of the cheap and affordable homes have a very small space which is mostly below 1000 square feet. However, the big ones are really expensive for some people like college graduates or someone with a low income. But if you think creatively and use your imagination properly, you can make the best out of these small spaced houses. Here are some of the tips to make good use of your sweet and little house.

A huge shelf to store your books, collections or anything

If you are a bookworm then you can build a huge wooden shelf to keep all your books and on the top of this shelf you can create a flat bed. This way you can use this wooden shelf not just to store books but anything you would like to keep. Be creative and imagine a good design for this big shelf which can contain a bed on top of it and build it. This will be an extremely to make proper use of the little space.

A burrow of retractable beds

For those of you who share a room space which has a high ceiling you can build a group of small beds that is attached to a rope hooked onto the wall. When you are done sleeping, you can push the beds onto the walls and pull it out when you want to sleep. By building these retractable beds you can use your single room as a living room when you are not sleeping and as a bedroom when you feel drowsy. This helps you to save a lot of space and at the same time keep your place neat.

As you can see by using your mind and imagination you can definitely make something out of nothing. In this way you can come up with your own ideas to make the most out of your tiny space and share these ideas with others

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