Hey all, I am sure that everyone is aware about Artistry cosmetic company, well!! Let me tell you that you may not know about the products which are newly released by this company. They have released about five products which I am going to tell you with some description.

Firstly volume mascara, mascara is what you apply just above the eyes to enhance the beauty of t. it just removes the black shades of that part and thereby you can increase the fairness tone as well as you can have color of your choice. This volume mascara set up to 600 % more volume for the thickest and more irritating lashes. You can also try automatic liquid eye liner to look prettier.

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The second product is something about luxury, yeah!!! It is luxury eyes. This company says that this product is the luxurious for your eyes you have ever seen. What is so interesting about it? Every woman wants to look young so they use anti aging stuff. This is for your eyes, which is made of ultra luxurious crème to enhance your beauty. It removes dark circles efficiently and provides 360 degree around the eyes and makes you 15 years younger.

Third product released is for men. When cosmetics are for men, then the company should take special care that s it has to use the best formulas for skin excellence because men have rough skin. For all kind of vulnerabilities of men’s skin it gives a better solution. DERMASYNC is the name of that product which gives dual benefits with deeply hydrates the skin and efficacious oil-controlling agents.

Fourth product is an anti wrinkles agent for both men and women. It is very rare to see an anti wrinkles product for men, I think artistry is doing a great job by delivering these effective products.

And finally last product is lengthening mascara, this is similar to volume mascara but this is something which is effective for more lashes.

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