Diversity of the diet
There are about 40 of vital nutrients. No single type of food we can not provide all the essential nutrients for life in sufficient quantities. Health maintenance is likely that even those that do not know yet. More variety of food we eat, the less likely will be present in our diets lack or surplus of one nutrient. From each food group, that is, every second day selected food.

BALANCING diet of alleged physical activities.
obesity is associated with some chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease. Healthy weight must be determined on an individual basis, consideration should be given a number of factors such as body composition, metabolic rate, genetic factors, and physical activity. If our body is made ​​up of more muscle than fat, so consume more calories at rest than in movement. If we ‘largest owner of’ fat, we are going to carry this otherwise spend a few calories at rest will consume less.

FOOD FROM whole grains, fruits and vegetables
complexes carbohydrates (starches) are very good energy substances. It also contains many trace elements. Processed food is a purified form, is relatively poor in fiber. We know that dietary fiber help control chronic bowel disease, help to control glycemic (blood sugar) in people with diabetes and bind certain forms of harmful fats.

FOOD-poor simple sugars
One of the main health risks from eating too much sugar is damage to the teeth (dental caries, but not diabetes, as commonly believed. foods high in sugar tend to contribute to poor control of diabetes and the consequences arising from it. most simple sugars we eat by eating refined foods.

A diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol
in some people lead such a diet due to a genetic conditionality to the accelerated formation of coronary artery disease. It is important to reduce the fat content is visible to the minimum.

Low salt diet with
excessive amounts of sodium in the diet are not healthy for anyone, especially not for people with high blood pressure. In general, most processed foods contain a lot of sodium. It is wise to limit the amount of visible salt that is added. So we slowly acquired taste less salty food. Over the years, it often spoils the taste. The natural foods is enough sodium to meet daily physiological needs.

Drinking too much alcohol
Alcoholic drinks contain many calories and few nutrients. By eating large amounts of food intake is usually insufficient. Excessive drinking also contributes to the failure of the liver and to some neurological diseases. Increased risk of cancer of the throat and neck.

Since the body during exercise consumes large amounts of water, it is very important to be aware of and consider the following guidelines:
• The liquid should be drunk throughout the day.
• 1 to 2 hours before exercise: Drink 4dcl
• 15 to 30 minutes before exercise: Drink 4 ounces
• It is imperative to keep them in training, water – preferably in “bidonu” fly-boxing but do not drink too much you will not be bad

It also has fly-BOX practice as well as in other important recreation myself eating habits and life. In particular, the all-day recreation emphasis on a strong breakfast. A good breakfast gives us energy for the day. Our body is made to take place at night in the body strong regenerative processes. For these processes the body uses a part of its energy reserves. Therefore, in the morning food need to replace the nutrients which the body is consumed at night, and also so that the body has a new energy to work. Otherwise, you can begin to expend our reserves, including the muscles that we want to strengthen the physical exercise.

Breakfast should consist of whole-carbohydrate and protein products of some of the fat. For example, whole grain products (bread, muesli, flakes, …) to milk or soy supplements. You were indulged in some fruits. The possibilities are endless, but eventually we ourselves feel that without breakfast hard to start the day.

importance of breakfast is also confirmed by Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook book in the chapter breakfast for the winners. Based on the theory that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It proposes some quick creative solution that would provide us with at least an initial energy to start the day.

Nancy Clark suggests in his book Sports Nutrition Guidebook following nutrients we can provide the initial energy to start your day:
• Yogurt,
• Banana and milk,
peanuts and raisins •,
• Blender drink (drink made ​​from the juice fruit and yogurt oz.mleka)
tart with jam (for better carbohydrate)
• Cookies with milk and peanut butter
• Pie (stuffed with low-fat cheese or other litter).
Vir.: Nancy Clark, Sports Nutrition Guideboook, p. 59

Nancy Clark pays a lot of attention to the preparation of breakfast cereals in particular. In particular, it highlights the following features:
• Convenience,
• High in carbohydrates (cereals in combination with banana, milk and fruit juice to create a powerful breakfast or meal in terms of carbohydrate content)
• High iron content (absorption of iron in the body is increased by drinking juice containing vitamin C)
• High calcium content (especially when a meal includes milk or yogurt)
• Low-fat and cholesterol
numerous varied meal preparation.
FLY BOX is a very general types of recreation-oriented, and therefore all the more important because it can effectively deal everyone. Its essence is hidden in teaching a healthy lifestyle, not just workouts.

Meals amateur athletes is therefore quite subordinate to the general rule of healthy diets and brings us back to a healthy lifestyle, so I think that’s FLY-BOX, if nothing else at least somewhat successful and healthy way to promote just that.

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