ss-300x163In this blog I will tell you about the most used and basics of fragrance and the people use it often. The six basic fragrance types are as follows.

•Floral: The largest and most used type made of roses, orange blossoms, gardenias, jasmine and carnations. These are usually mixes with one another to produce a variety of fragrance.

•Oriental: Spices, amber, balsams and resins marks this type are mixed together to give this type of smell.

•Citrus: citrus s made of fruits like lime and other fruits related to that.

•Chypre: “Chypre” is a French word for Cyprus and is pronounced “ is created by using or mixing oak moss, citrus and patchouli enrich the sweet, earthy aromas.

•Green: sporty and brisk scents for women used this type.

•Fougere: French for fern and pronounced “foo-JHAIR,” it’s mixed of fresh herbs and mossy ferns that come together in a highly city style.

All these things are various types of fragrance which s applied in perfumes. Why I am telling you this kind of things is while buying the perfumes you can check the type of fragrance and also their flavors.
Usually alcoholic cologne is used by many people because that gives you more fragrance when compare to others. There are also many kinds of fragrance once smelled will create a romantic mood to anyone. Usually ladies use to apply this type fragrance to attract men.

Many shopping websites offers you wide ranges of perfumes across the country. Not only that they are many shops for perfumes in and around central CA. perfume will make your dressing complete. Your entire outfit is not enough so you need to do something extra. Apply fragrance and attract the opposite gender. Go and check for the good deals and have a blast.

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