Private Marriage of Kate Winslet

download (16)Hey, do you remember who is she? She’s Titanic’s Rose (Kate Winslet). She married for the third time in a private ceremony with Ned Rocknroll, the nephew of Sir Richard Branson. They are already engaged since summer. She got divorce from the director, Sam Mendes in 2010. Previously she was married with Jim Threapleton three years until 2001. She has a son Joe with Mendes and a daughter Mia with Threapleton.

This New York wedding was kept private and yesterday it came to light, when actor Leonardo DiCaprio attended a press meet.

Well, let me remind you something, Kate Winslet and DiCaprio starred together in the blockbuster movie Titanic, which is still the second maximum gross movie after Avatar. Once it was time everyone fancy about Rose, it happens, when you see a heroine in such a great movie.

It is true that time changes everything, Kate is 37 now, and she is no more like a girl to think about, though she has all capabilities to marry this person. Actually he works for space Travel Company called Virgin Galactic and he is 34.

Kate finally kisses Leonardo and said good-bye to go with her third husband. I hope even today there will be available many fans for this actress and will look for her movies yet to come. Movie 43 and Labor Day are the upcoming movies of Kate, where we can expect something special from her. Though she is 37, I am little bit jealous off seeing her get married with a person since she was my dream girl of older times. What can we do? Just say a Best of Luck!!!!!!

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