Retirement of Sachin Tendulkar

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Hey its Sachin’s retirement day today. Sachin Tendulkar said to be the god of cricket. He belongs to India; I think many know about him who are fond of cricket. Who is he? And what did he do that much that he is called god of cricket by everyone. Let me tell you some of the interesting things about him.

At the age of 16 he started his carries as batsman. His first one day international was with New Zealand where he scored 36 runs I think. I am not sure, but gave a good start to his country. After that his batting style and the way he gave standard to India in Cricket field is exemplary. His achievements in cricket are not just appreciable but make it think him as a legend. Yes obviously, he is a legend of cricket. I am not a person who is a freak to cricket, but honestly I feel too bad of his retirement. His style of batting is incredible and the way the hiots a straight drive is really classy. Every youngster in cricket always use to watch his action at all time and use to learn many things from him.

Another great cricketer is Brain Lara of West Indies, while giving an interview to the media he told that he wants his son to become a batsman like sachin tendulkar. He was the first person to hit a double century in one day international cricket against South Africa which is really a mother great team. Followed by another great player sehwag hit a double century against West Indies. This shows that India is a strong team in cricket. You know what you know what I has been estimated that India has the maximum number of fans for cricket when compared to other parts of world. So I believe this is the day of sadness for every cricket lover especially Indian cricket fans. I also hope no one will forget about him and he will be always in every cricket fan’s heart. Really great person.

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