Smart Phones

This is the generation of smart phones, everywhere smart phones. Today almost all mobile manufacturing companies produce smart phones. Having this kind of phones is like a mark of status in today’s world. So people want look their prestige and buy these kinds of phones. What is so special about these phones? Its operating system is the reason. Samsung’s android Apple’s IOs have created a revolution across the world. Samsung mobile phones are the highest sale in the market followed by other mobiles. Apple’s Iphone are very next good selling phones.

In this blog I am going to share some interesting things which I know about smart phones. I am using Iphone 4 when I compare my phone with any android mobiles its hardware configuration is more or less same to Samsung mobiles but the performance of this mobile is really cool since it is said to be have a good computer architecture. I don’t what is it. Another thing is smart phones are mean to be showing off to in front of the people and it has more effect on girls since it gives more style when I use it. This reason is more than enough to any teen ager to get this type of mobile phones.

I wonder why Nokia mobiles are not so much famous when compare to other mobile phones since it also has wide ranges of smart phones like Lumia and N8. To be honest these mobiles are also very good in performance sometimes it also give a lead to Samsung mobiles when it comes to multi tasking. The process of multi tasking is very much difficult in Samsung mobiles since it often gets hang and creates lot of problems. So I prefer Apple mobiles then Nokia only then finally I will go to Samsung mobiles. It is your choice to select your phone.

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