Smooth Skin Ever

We are all so eager to have a good and flawless skin color, but how many of us actually get that tone by natural. Without worrying about the irregular complexion, it can be achieve artificially by many beauty products. Among all other, the essential product is face foundation, it is a skin colored cosmetic which is applied on the skin to get an even, bright tone. It is also referred as body painting. There are different foundations are available based on the skin. It is also notable that using a right foundation in right manner to get a good look or else it makes us to look like a joking person.

Creaming a foundation is so easy and 2 min work. Initially apply a moisturizer or primer or sunscreen to make the skin soft, this is to make the skin as smooth surface for foundation and let the skin free for 1 min. There is foundation brush to apply it, it is not like have to use that brush alone, can use a makeup sponge or even a finger. It is not about the tool which we are using ,it is all about how we are using it. You don’t want to apply the foundation all over the face just spots that unevenly and gently blend the spots together. Cover the foundation with compact powder after applying it. These simple steps make us to look good with beautiful skin tone.

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