Social Networking

Today social networking had become the fourth common need of man after food, cloth and shelter. Yes it is true according to everyone. How it has happened all of the sudden in very less years, why people are some much concerned about social networking? What makes them get engaged with it for long hours? These are the general questions usually raised by the people who don’t use this social networking stuff.

I am going to tell you about my ideas, opinions and my experience with social networking. The very much used type of social networking today is Facebook. It was invented in the year 2004 by Mark Zukerburg, a Harvard student. Initially it was created only for the people of Harvard. Later on they developed for other neighboring universities. What type of service Facebook actually gives us? Simple, it enables us to connect with people in many ways. It allows the people to share their ideas among friends about their outings, their suggestions for many problems as a status. For this status we can also comment and give reviews. Not only that, Facebook also has an instant messenger which makes you to send messages instantly. It is called as chat box. Usually for any type of e mails and other transferring data delay is available, but due to the use of this chat box there is nothing about waiting to get your message delivered to the destination.


Though it has many good things inbuilt in it, it can be easily misused by many people usually teenagers, because engaging with any social networking is a sort of wasting time. So one has to use it only when it is so necessary and it has to be used only if you some profit in it. Other social networking sites are twitter and Google+. This also gives the same service as Facebook gives but it has some changes in appearances and process.

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