South Indian Culture

‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’ is one of the famous phrases to refer to the Indian culture and the nation as a whole.The unique culture and way of life has made India the most favourite tourist spot.

The South Indian tradition and culture is the famous one among Indian cultures. The traditional dress worn in South India is Saree and dhoti.Women have different styles in various parts in the way they wear their sarees. For example,the tamil brahmins call it the ‘madisar’ and the Kerala females call it ‘mundu’.Though its the same saree, it takes its own form in different states! That’s the speciality of Indians.

The food in South India is spicy and colourful. The staple food in South India is Rice. The side dishes again differs in each states. Andhra goes for sweet and spice together in their ‘pulsu’ and they make curry out of all vegetables available. Tamil Nadu has milder spice with the ‘Sambar’ and ‘Rasam’ while the Kerala food is lightly bland with the addition of coconut oil in all their recipes.

The South Indian people are god fearing and religious. We can find lot of Temples, Churches and Mosques. The temples at the Mahabalipuram, Church at Nagapattinum, the Mosque at Hyderabad are considered to be monumental. There are historic stories all over the land. Be it the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, Tanjore Brahedeshwara temple or Thirumala Tirupathi, each has it own uniqueness and Style of Architecture which is world renowned.

The Church of South India(commonly-CSI) is the Second largest church in India. The Mughals have left behind numerous spell binding Mosques in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh. These mosques are centuries old and still they are such marvellous monuments.

South Indian has lots more to be proud of! The language spoken here forms the roots of all major Indian languages. The South Indian culture and traditions are several centuries old and claimed to be one of the first civilization.

There are lot of secrets in the literature about the mythology and tradition that are yet to be unravelled.

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