Every girl wants to succeed at work. Sometimes talent is not enough to get heard. That’s where styling can make a difference.Did you know the key to achieving success also lies in your appearance? Talent is vital and so is your personal branding. The more you are appealing to people, the more attention you’ll have. If you think you know all the rules to styling for your corporate office hours, keep reading and you will only be surprised. Work these style tricks to your big promotion you have been coveting. Do not just rely on these; make sure you are equally of value and talent to your organization. But these tips will definitely be of help. What are these tips? These styling tips for work are something every girl should know. If you aren’t familiar, don’t worry. Let’s find out style tricks that without doubt make an enduring impression at the workplace.


The confidence that a manicured hand will give you, cannot be matched with non manicured hands. You don’t have to have apply a nail polish to strike attention. It’s only better if you have. But if you don’t have the time and want to look groomed, make sure you have your hands manicured. It’s ideal to visit your beautician, once in every fortnight to 21 days. You know best what manicure schedule works best for you, don’t you?

2) Hairdo

No drama, no mess. Keep the hair simple and comfortable. If you are not comfortable letting your hair loose, then make sure you tie them neatly. Hair is the look maker and if you mess this one up, don’t blame us if the clients were not impressed with you over your good looking colleague. Do up a bun or high ponytail. They go best with all body type and looks.


Walk the talk. No we are not preaching spirituality. All we are saying wear shoes that you are comfortable, standing, walking if need arises even running in. That doesn’t mean you rush to the office in floaters. A heel is the word. If you cannot carry a stiletto, switch to wedges. All in all let the shoe not only make you look tall but also give you confidence by amplifying your appearance.

Don’t do drama. Au natural looks stand out the most. Its day time, go minimalist with your makeup. Highlight only one focal point. If you are highlighting the eyes, tone down the lips. Always carry your liner, mascara and lipstick or lip gloss in your makeup bag for a quick touch up before the important meeting.


Make an impact. Don’t do trends that do not flatter your looks, just because someone you know is wearing it. Celebrities look good all the time because they dress up to suit their body type. You need to do the same. Style simply, effortlessly and elegantly.

We hope the above Styling tip for work, help you make an impression. After all a promotion is long overdue and with these simple styling tips you can make it happen. Do you have any more styling tips for work that you want to share. Add them in the comments below.

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