The power of playing

The best way to boost up children’s mind power and performance in their activities is achieved through playing outdoor games. The survey revealed by Active healthy kids Canada says that kids engaged in physical activities are always healthier and regular when compared to the dull ones.

Curtailing physical education:

  1. Schools have started to introduce scholastic performance thereby decreasing the time allotted for physical education.
  2. The report released in Canada has stated that only children who are physically active score higher ranks, when compared to the inactive children.


Release of electronic gadgets and devices:

The release of these electronic items has changed the lifestyle of many children. They spend too much of time on electronic screens such as television, computers, video games and so on. This results in deteriorating their main sense organs. Watching television and operating on computers reduces their eye power.

The benefits of playing

  1. Playing improves the cognitive functions and cerebral blood flow. It enhances the neurotransmitter to function properly.
  2. It also increases the self confidence of an individual and has long spanned in the future.
  3. The behavior of a child change rapidly and it increases the attention in school.
  4. Children enrolling up in physical activities will curiously concentrate on their studies apart from playing.
  5. Their misbehavior in school will reduce gradually, when they are exposed for playing.
  6. Expose your children to more outdoor games and it’s not too expensive.
  7. All they need is a green space for playing and this will reduce self fear and frustration.

Limitations for playing

At the same time they should not play continuously, because it will lead to stress and tiredness for the children. Their muscles will gradually become weaker, when they are more addicted towards play outdoor games. The limit to perform physical activity should be maintained at a constant rate.

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