Eyebrows need to be shaped every fortnight or once in month. They make you look beautiful naturally. If your eyebrows are done rightly, you can amp up any look you desire. There are some things to keep in mind while shaping your eyebrows. We bring to you tips for grooming your eyebrows rightly.

1. Right person for right job

Hire a right person, to do the job. Professionals may not come in cheap but they definitely know their job the best. Trust a professional to handle your eyebrows always. If you are someone who likes to do your own things by yourself, make sure you are proficient in this art before you embark on another talent journey as a beautician.


2.Mirror Talk

Mirrors speak the truth. That does not imply that a mirror with 2x or 4x magnifying element will speak more truth. When plucking on your own or threading by yourself, look in a normal mirror.

3.Too Thin or Too Thick

It is a natural tendency to go overboard without realising it. Do not go an extra mile and shape your eyebrows too thin or in apprehension keep the eyebrows too thick. Get the shape just right. If you are not too confident about getting the shape right on your own, visit a salon. It’s good to ask for help. If you really want to nail shaping your own eyebrows at home, define your eye shape with a brow pencil and then thread or tweak. This way you can retail your eyebrow shape and also manage shaping it on your own.

4. Do not Mock

Let’s admit it. We all are fanatic about celebrity looks, be it Bollywood or Hollywood. In fact, sometimes it’s not even the popular faces but our friends only who can fascinate us by their style. What looks good on someone else may not look good on you. If a particular eyebrow shape, suits your favorite celebrity or friend, it may not necessarily suit you. Groom your eyebrow to suit your face type and according to your face type.


5.Time it Right

There is a good time for everything. Did you know, doing your eyebrows after a nice hot shower is the best time? A hot shower open the pores and it’s time when you pluck or thread your brows it is less painful. Feeling good just at the thought of this idea, next time you are getting your eyebrows done or are doing your eyebrows, have a hot shower before.

6.Color Play

If your eyebrows are thin naturally, amp them up with a brow pencil. Dark brown shades are most recommended for Indian skin and hair type. When purchasing a color, go for a shade lighter to your natural hair color. You could even go 2-3 shades lighter but not more. Learn the technique to use an eyebrow pencil rightly to not mess up. Eyebrow pencils fill your eyebrows and give it a natural thick look.

How did you find our tips for grooming your eyebrows rightly? Do you have any more tips to share? Write in the comments below or you can even email us the same.

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