Tips to Reduce your Belly and to Maintain

Hey all, a lot of women after marriage especially after giving birth to a baby, they lose their shape. I am giving you some tips over here which can considerably reduce your belly. These tips are applicable for kinds of women of all ages. These tips are about both dieting and exercises.

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Reducing the physical activity and very low intake of fluids can result in bloating. To avoid this, have a diet of high fiber like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seed.

Air swallowing can lead to bloating, so make sure that you don’t intake air contaminated food.

In addition to that do not eat food quickly, which you won’t chew. It leads to intake of air which also results in bloating.

Carbonate drinks can also make you belly fat, it will be efficient if you drink lemon tea or cucumber flavored water instead.

Avoid using food, which is made of sugar. Even sweetened drinks are not advisable.

Go green; means eat a lot of vegetables as I told you earlier. Especially, intake green vegetables like spinach, broccoli or cauliflower.

Aerobic exercise and jogging should be done regularly.

Not sleeping well is also a reason which can make you belly size large. So it will be good to have a sound sleep for at least six hours.

Once you feel you are losing you stomach’s fat then do not stop dieting or doing exercise. If you stop then, there are many chances to regain the lost fat.

Body stretching is also advisable.

Massage your stomach often.

Hope this can make you look slim and if you find this post useful, and then do visit this website to get more interesting information and health tips. Thank you.

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